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FORGIVE-ME-NOT formed in summer, 1996 in the city of Tula, Russia. Originally the band consisted of Victor Kuckoverov (bass, vocals), Mikhail Karasiov (guitars) and Andrey Sukhanov (drums).

From August to October 1997, FORGIVE-ME-NOT recorded their debut album “Tearfall”, released by MAGIK ART Entertainment on MC at the beginning of 1998. Soon after the recording of “TearfallMikhail Guz (guitars) and Elena Gorbunova (keyboards) joined the band.

In summer 1998 FORGIVE-ME-NOT signed a contract with the Russian label METAL AGEN Records that re-released “Tearfall” on MC/CD.

In the first half of 1998 the band prepared a new program that eventually shaped into their second album “Spaceapple” recorded in August - September 1998. This album was released by METAL AGEN Records in the fall of 1999 on MC, and at the end of January 2001 on CD.

In July 2000 FORGIVE-ME-NOT were at studio again recording their 3-rd full-length album. The process was long and hard, and the recording was completed only in July 2001.

Tracks from this recording session appear in the two following releases: maxi-single “Swallow Songs”, January 2002 and the 3-rd full-length album “Perfect Innocence”, August 2002.

In the fall of 2003 the album “Behind” was released; it included both new and previously unreleased songs.  The core of the album was a 4-track demo recorded in the summer of 2002, a new track “Time in Timeout”, the track “Freezing Point” from the previous recording session and a cover-version of CINDERELLA’s “Gypsy Road”.

At the beginning of 2003  FORGIVE-ME-NOT  started composing new material, brought to “Die Records” Studio in Moscow in the fall of 2003 and recorded in half a year. This work resulted in the new album “Heavenside”, released in May 2004  by METAL AGEN/SOYUZ.

After the release of “Heavenside” the band took a “creative break”, gathering from time to time to play a gig.

At the end of 2004 one of the founders, Mikhail Karasiov (guitars), left FORGIVE-ME-NOT. Hellena Gindina at first substituted for him as a session guitarist for several gigs, and then became a full member of the band.

In 2005 Metal Agen/Soyuz re-released the first two albums, “Tearfall” and иSpaceapple”, with updates and improvements in booklet designs and exclusive bonus-tracks.

In spring 2006 FORGIVE-ME-NOT cancelled the contract with Metal Agen/Soyuz and signed one with Irond Ltd.

On May 15, 2006 Irond Ltd. released the Russian-language version of the album “Suicide Service”, with powerful and expressive songs and excellent recording quality.

On June 1, the label Misteriya Zvuka released a special edition of “Suicide Сервис” for distribution in CIS countries.

The band gave several performances in support of the new album during a mini-tour across Russia.

Having played a number of gigs in support of “Suicide Сервис”, Hellena Gindina decided to quit the band.  In her place came Vadim Gryzlov (Fatal Aim, ex-Glintvein) who had played with FORGIVE-ME-NOT as a session bassist.

The English version of “Suicide Service” is coming soon.

In the course of its history FORGIVE-ME-NOT have played a great number of gigs and supported DORO (08.03.2001.), TO/DIE/FOR (12.01.2002.), CHARON (07.12.2003.), EVEREVE (20.03.2004.), LAKE OF TEARS (06.03.2005), Paul Di'Anno (05.03.2006) and others.
 The history goes on!!!...

Vadim Gryzlov (V_ad) - guitar
Vicktor Kuckoverov (Vic) - bass, vocal
Mikhail Guz (Michael) - guitar
Elena Gorbunova (Elena) - keyboards
Andrey Sukhanov (Andy) - drums

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