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Cold Sand
Freezing Point
Gypsy Road

Mikhail Guz - guitars
Victor Kukoverov - bass & vocals
Mikhail Karasyov - guitars
Elena Gorbunova - keyboards
Andrey Sukhanov - drums
Female vocals on Escape by Svetlana Glukharyova
All music by Mikhail Guz and FORGIVE-ME-NOT,
except Gypsy Road
Lyrics by Victor Kukoverov - (3, 5, 6),
Elena Gorbunova - (2, 4)
Sergey Prokofev (1).
Time in Timeout and Gypsy Road
recorded and mixed in July 2003
by Eugeny Vinogradov (DAI Records),
Behind, Crime, Escape and Cold Sand
recorded and mixed in August 2002
by Vitaly Chulcov (New Studio)
Freezing Point recorded and mixed in July 2001
by Gennady Terekhov (T-Studio)
Executive produced by Eugeny Axenov
Desinded by Ivan S.Bragin

Time in Timeout

Girl believe when I say
It was so hard for me to decide
I don´t want to be in pain no more
Bet you know it´s a game
And there´s always somebody to blame
And there´s always me to know the score

I see it coming there´s no way out
You are my favorite game but I still doubt
You were fun to play now let me out
I wan´t compromise ´cause the rules are mine
I´v had a time of my life

Break the rules it´s ok!
It´s high time for you to let go
There is more to life then you can fake
And we were two damn fools
I was wrong to guess that you know
I´m just glad there´s not so much at stake


Whoever told you that we can not try to fly
To fly without wings much easier just try
To dive in deep blue dream and stay up there wrapped in peace
Is simple thing to do just pull the strings

We will touch the sky
With our weary minds
Whoever told you that our dream are not for real?
They´re more then life, I tell you, don´t you feel?
Our dreams we can control no more they´re spells upon our souls
Cease trying to escape our spirits roams

We´ll holding to
Ethereal ties
We will touch the sky
With our weary minds
Sweetest agony
Leaves us no doubts
Lost inside our dreams
We shall stand behind


I know you´ll end up dead
Temptation is to strong for me
And my blood froze at sight
Of you redeeming lethargy

Remorse take my life
They stretch in never-ending line
Dive deeper into mind
Disgraceful place of modern crime

Take me out of empty space
There is no time to find trace
Yesterday becomes as real as now
Tears dissolve heart made of stone
Kind of pain that you belong
Do you hear my screaming is too loud


Some will say death take breath away
With us it´s different way
Way of life is not where we´ll go
We´ll follow other path

This is where we end
No more hops is left
Weakness fills me now
Creeps into me
Life beneath this sky
Seams a useless ride
In death-car of the God
Won´t you make it stop
Let us catch it

Stand by me
Don´t be scared to go
Don´t be afraid to fly
Our last dream
Of the peace of heart
Made us escape life

Cold Sand

I can step out of cold
Heaven is your award
No more useless compromise
I try to move but I´m caged in ice

All secrets that I hide will die with me
Then thrilling and dramatic memory
Look at the birds fly into hurricane
They´ll soon be quietly denied by pain

You bring life free from sin
Rebuild the shattered dream
I want repent and live
Have you any faith in what you believe?

For three days she screamed and cried
Full of passion and delight
With fear of death I wait for the night to come on me
Shadow is my only friend
Dance with hope come to an end
I feel beneath my feet cold sand

Freezing Point

It hurts my eyes to look at you
´Cos you so bright and you so cold
Your crystal words bring me down to sunrise
A darker mass against the night
Your illusion of light
You belong to freezing point

I can try to remain first minute of the weakness
Fire dance in the rain to animate me

The dawn crept over tranquil see
I find my self like a fly in a wet
She gaze at me steadily and proudly
I understand well enough what her smile means tonight
She so bright
I belong to freezing point

I can try to remain first minute of the weakness
Fire dance in the rain to animate me

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