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HEAVENSIDE (74:58 min.)


Forgive-Me-Not are a good example how partioned the russian scene has been and still is, though the quality of some bands is really first class. Founded in 1996, the first longplayer “Tearfall” was released in 1998. My promo-package with the burned CD-R of the actual output came with a flyer of the Metal Agen label, which sells Forgive-Me-Nots first CD as a mixture of Paradise Lost and Rage. Well, for the debut (which I do not know) this was eventually okay, but with the following outputs„Spaceapple“ (2000), the MCD „Swallow Songs“ (2002), „Perfect Innocence“ (also 2002) and „Behind“ (2003) the band has developed in another direction. The 2004-release „Heavenside“ is gothic metal at its very best in the vain of old Beseech and the second Lake Of Tears-album. And the named bands are highlights in this special genre whom are not easily to top. Well, to be honest, not all melodies are that great compared with these two bands. Also Forgive-Me-Not are a bit more softer most of the time as the Swedens on their first albums, but “Heavenside” is for sure a great album with fantastic melodies and fascinating songs that the boys and the girl have recorded. By the way, Elena is not responsible for the typical elvens-like female vocals, but for the keys. Besides Black Countess, whom are a good russian variant of Cradle Of Filth (see review at import-section), Forgive-Me-Not is the second band on the russian Metal Agen-Label I have reviewed by now. And I can recommend both bands. Wether you are listening to the cool opener “The Ocean”, the great “Missing You”, the more pop-alike sounds like for example in “Fragile” or the fantastic killer-melody in “Sleeping Promises”, fans of the scandinavian Dark/Gothic metal should be enthusiastic about “Heavenside”. Talking about “Sleeping Promises” I have to admit that the melody sounds that familiar I have even thought of a cover-version. But it seems to be an own song. But the track could easily also from the gods of Sentenced. As a hidden bonus track you get a metal-version of Germanys Honey No. 1. Yes, I am speaking of Dieter “Idiot” Bohlen. Cool version. http://www.music.soyuz.ru/metalagen (Label) oder
http://forgivemenot.newmail.ru/ (Band), but as the sites work with cyrillic letters, better try to e-mail to forgive-me-not@yandex.ru

8/10 - SBr